As a life-long Kansan and resident of Sedgwick County, Dan understands and cares about the issues that are important to the people he represents.

Advocates common sense taxation and government spending

  • Voted for income tax cut for every working Kansan
  • Voted to reduce taxes for small businesses
  • Reduced state spending to fund core priorities in the budget
  • Voted to increase K-12 funding by  increase technical education funding
  • Removed unnecessary state board and commissions to streamline agency efficiency

Fights to protect the security and well-being of all Kansans

  • Certified 100% pro-life by Kansans for Life
  • Committed to guarding services to our seniors
  • Member of Employment First Commission promoting jobs for citizens with disabilities
  • Supported providing incentives to employers to hire individuals with disabilities

Dedicated to leading with conviction

  • NRA member fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights
  • Vice-chair of Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

Works hard to provide an environment where businesses are free to expand and grow

  • Changed corporate farm laws to expand agriculture business in Kansas
  • Reduced fees and amount of permits needed for food service and catering
  • Worked to change the permitting process in new oil production creating more drilling and job opportunities in Kansas
  • Fought for strong water conservation policy, which expands job opportunities in Kansas

Works to keep money for education on what matters most--teachers and students

  • Voted to increase K-12 funding
  • Voted to protect KPERS retirement program
  • Voted for additional funding technical education
  • Supports educational opportunities in all settings: home, private, and public
  • Maintains an open-line of communication with local school district

Supports strong family values